Do you want to hit the road behind the wheel of Infiniti? Cheap Rentacar offers cheap rent a car services for its customers to explore the United Arab Emirates. Being the luxury extension of the Nissan Motor Company since its inception in 1989, Nissan embeds Infiniti with the ultra-modern Japanese technology of car manufacturing.

It produces high-performance and thrilling vehicles with sleek exteriors and highly comfortable interiors known for their excellence and luxury. They offer driver-centric designs in their cars, delivering some high-tech innovative cars that are world-first along the way of research and development.
Infiniti cars possess additional safety features like forward emergency braking, in-touch system, and adaptive steering. Forward emergency braking system warns the drivers regarding a possible collision by computing the distance between the car and the vehicle in front of it. Additionally, the high-tech infotainment system enables the users to stay in touch digitally and calls for help in case of any accidental situations. Moreover, adaptive steering allows one to drive with enhanced precision to detect potholes or uneven roads.


Infiniti is leading the manufacturing industry's research and development to a whole new level of driver-centric inventions and bringing in some world-class technologies:

  1. Intelligent Cruise Control: It detects the traffic ahead and modifies your speed automatically so you can maintain the desired distance.
  2. RearView Monitor: A more intuitive way to reverse your vehicle while using an external camera view on your dash display.
  3. Voice Recognition: A connective technology lets you control your vehicle's settings without removing your hands from the wheel.
  4. Lane Departure Warning: This technology senses when you are about to cross the lane markings without proper signalling.
  5. Around View Monitor: It offers the drivers a 360˚ view of their vehicle while parking, enabling them to look over space with a new all-around perspective.
  6. Lane Departure Prevention System:  It not only alerts you; instead, it automatically compensates if it senses a possible drift into the next lane.
  7. Blind Spot Intervention: It senses when another vehicle is occupying the adjacent lane, alerting you to its presence. 
  8. Intelligent Backup Collision Intervention: It detects what you may miss while reversing and warns you while engaging the brakes in case of approaching danger.
  9. Direct Adaptive Steering System: It allows you to filter undesired vibration while tailoring your steering in multiple ways. 


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  1. How much is it to rent an Infiniti in Dubai?

    At Cheap Rentacar, we have included all the models of Infiniti in our wide-ranged fleet of 5000+ rental vehicles. You can select any model of Infiniti you like, depending on your budget and travel needs, without worrying about the prices. We offer the best available prices compared to other car rentals in Dubai.

  2. Which model is cheap if I want to rent an Infiniti?

    Cheap Rentacar offers you every existing model of Infiniti car to hire for your daily, weekly, monthly and long-term requirements. If you're looking for cheap rental cars, consider going for older models, as the rental price varies depending on the model's demand. For further details, call our customer service representatives.

  3. How luxurious are Infiniti cars?

    Infiniti is an upscaled brand to Nissan that offers a luxurious variety of cars, including sedans and sports cars, with a classy appearance and high performance. They have premium and elegant sports utility vehicles (SUVs) like the QX50, QX55, QX60, and QX80.

  4. Which Infinitis are the fastest?

    The fastest Infiniti range is their Q50 line, considered the showstopper on its own. However, the 2023 Q50 Red Sport 400 is the quickest model of the Infiniti luxury vehicles, adding a new level of style and sportiness for car enthusiasts. So, look no further if you're searching for the fastest car that will take you an extra mile.


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