Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy outlines the procedures by which Cheap Rent a car gathers, processes, and applies the information furnished by individuals using our services, whether customers or visitors. By accessing the website or availing the service, you explicitly consent to adhere to the regulations outlined in this Policy. It is important to note that we retain the discretion to modify, revise, or substitute this Policy at any point with no prior notification.



Upon accessing the website, we gather non-identifiable information from users, which aids us in enhancing our business, customer support, marketing strategies, and understanding user behavior. This data does not reveal individual identities or interactions with third parties. The collected information encompasses:

  1. Browser name
  2. IP address
  3. Device's name
  4. Device's operating system
  5. Duration of the website visit


In order to facilitate the car hire service and conduct business marketing, it is essential for us to obtain personal information from users. This information becomes necessary while availing of our service and is contingent upon how you utilize our services. We will request certain specific personal details, which encompass:

  1. Customer's name
  2. Customer's contact number
  3. Customer's delivery address
  4. Customer's credit card details
  5. The customer's required legal documents

Without the above-mentioned information, our capacity to conduct business operations would be compromised. Our elective functionalities, such as the call back service or newsletter subscription, mandate the solicitation of your data, including but not limited to your contact number, email address, and name.


The exclusive payment method for online bookings on our website is through credit cards. Our business incorporates the credit card system using third-party gateway providers. It's important to note that once a customer has paid for a booking, the payment and card details undergo processing by the third party, independent of Cheap Rent a car's direct involvement. Rest assured, the security of customer card details is of paramount importance.
Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Under no circumstances will third-party payment processors or we retain, disclose, or market your card information.
  2. We undertake multiple precautionary measures to ensure the security and immunity of the third-party payment processing system against threats and hacking endeavours.
  3. If you independently engage the third party without the engagement of Cheap Rent a car, we hold no liability for data loss, financial losses, or card information breaches.
  4. Please be confident that the security of your payment information is a top priority throughout this process. 


Cheap Rent a car employs comprehensive physical and digital measures to completely safeguard all user data, encompassing personal and anonymous information. Our commitment extends to guaranteeing a complete shield against hackers and vulnerabilities. We want to reassure our users that the sale or replication of user data is strictly against our principles. We securely store the entirety of this data within a completely confidential and fortified environment.


• Name: The name serves as an identifying label for the user within our system. 
Contact Number: The contact number is essential for communication purposes during vehicle delivery and for potential future correspondence. 
Address: The address is indispensable for accurately delivering the rented vehicle to the customer's chosen location. 
Email: The email address is employed to distribute newsletters and promotional materials to the customer. 
Credit Card: Credit card information is employed exclusively for processing the payment related to the booking.
• Legal Documents: The submission of legal documents is an essential prerequisite mandated by UAE regulations for all rental car services prior to extending the service to customers.


We employ cookies to recognize users and provide tailored recommendations derived from their interactions within the same browser.
• Cookies facilitate the retention of user-selected filters, even after a page reload, sparing users the need to reconfigure preferences repeatedly.
• They enable us to monitor user online engagements and present recommended vehicles and services aligned with the user's online behaviour.
• Cookies additionally contribute to refining our market presence by offering insights into factors such as competitors, audience demographics, and marketing tactics.


The website is universally accessible, devoid of geographical limitations, catering to all age groups. Nonetheless, our service is exclusively available to users aged 23 years and above.


In specific situations, we may need to reveal user information to third parties for reasons related to legality, security, or seamless service provision.
• Under legitimate mandates, we are obligated to provide all user data to legal entities such as law enforcement, courts, intelligence agencies, and other lawful bodies.
• User information must be shared with certain third-party entities, including delivery services, tracking firms, and customer support entities, in order to ensure smooth service execution.
• For marketing and research pursuits, the company might disclose user data to external third-party entities.
• In cases involving fraudulent activities by a customer, we might be required to disclose user data to law enforcement, legal agencies, or courts.
Please note that we enact these disclosures in adherence to legal obligations and operational necessities.


Cheap Rent a car retains the authority to modify the entirety or specific segments of this privacy policy without advance notice to the user.