Frequently Asked

Can I get car rental services without having a driving license?

No, you can't. A driving license is essential for getting our car rental services throughout the UAE. Driving without a driver's license is against traffic laws.

Which documents are mandatory for acquiring car rental services?

We at Cheap Rentacar require copies of the documents mentioned as under from the residents of the United Arab Emirates and foreign tourists:

  • Resident ID
  • Driving License
  • Resident Visa
  • Passport (only for residents)


  • IDP issued from home country
  • License issued from home country
  • Passport
  • Visa
Can I book a car rental in advance?

Yes, at Cheap Rentacar, we facilitate our customers with pre-booking options for car rentals in Dubai and all over the United Arab Emirates. You can book your rental car in advance or on the spot as and when you need it.

Are there any charges if I cancel my car rental reservation?

No, we offer a free cancellation policy if you change your mind at the last moment. There are no compensation or cancellation charges for our customers to enjoy a smooth car rental experience with us.

Do you provide rental car delivery and pick-up service in Dubai?

Yes, we provide rent-a-car delivery and pick-up services from any location within Dubai, subject to availability. You may also leave the car rental in any other Emirate within the UAE for us to pick it up for a minimal fee. Additionally, we offer airport pick-up and drop-off services for rental cars at a marginal price.

Can I reserve an SUV?

You can reserve one of the stylish Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) from our rental fleet that stands out on the road. We have numerous SUVs and models of well-known brands with attributes like roof hatches, multimedia system integration, cruise controls, and many more. Pick the one you like.

For what period can I reserve a rental car for my use?

We at Cheap Rentacar provide our customers with short-term and long-term car rentals according to their needs. The minimum period for renting a car is 24 hours from the delivery time, while you have to consider our car leasing options to utilize our long-term services. Moreover, you can 24/7 contact our customer support representatives to know more.

Other than car rentals, do you provide car lease services?

Yes, we offer straightforward car lease subscriptions for our valuable customers all over the UAE. You can select your favourite car from our fleet, be it a budget car or a luxury vehicle, for lease and enjoy driving it for a long-term period.

Is there a fuel policy to abide by?

Yes, there is a clear policy of fuel consumption that we expect our customers to stick to. The fuel level of the rental car should remain the same as it was at the time of handing it over to you.

Do you provide drivers with your rental cars?

No, we do not offer any driver with our car rentals. Our drivers will only deliver the car rentals to your doorstep and pick them up from you.

Can someone other than me drive the car that I've rented?

Yes, we permit additional drivers for your convenience as long as you provide all the necessary documents at the time of booking your car rental. Any attempt to drive our car rental, other than the permitted drivers, would lead to a violation of our policies.

Do you provide car rental services in Dubai only?

We take pride in serving our customers for their car rental needs not only in Dubai but all over the United Arab Emirates. You can reserve our car rentals online from any of the seven emirates of the UAE and get it delivered to your doorstep.

How to find rental car services near me in Dubai?

We at Cheap Rentacar are here at your service 24/7 providing every solution for your travelling needs. You can reach out to us online anytime to book our cheapest car rentals from any location within the United Arab Emirates.

Are your rental cars insured?

Our car rental fleet of more than 5000 vehicles is completely insured, so you can rent any car without any worries. In the unfortunate situations of a mishap or an accident, we won't charge you a fils.

What to do in case of accidents or breakdown of the car rentals?

There is a proper policy to tackle disastrous circumstances like an accident or a rental car's breakdown. At Cheap Rentacar, we offer alternate vehicle provisions to customers stuck in these situations. If it happens to you, breathe deep and call the police and an ambulance instantly.

Furthermore, all the rental vehicles in our fleet are entirely insured to avoid any financial losses, and we won't charge you any fee to cover compensation or damage. We provide stress-free services to our customers in worst-case scenarios too.

Do you provide roadside assistance in case of a rental car breakdown?

Yes, we provide 24/7 roadside assistance if any mishap or uncertain situation arises that may cause our car rental to halt or break down. In such scenarios, we recommend you not move the vehicle from its place to remove any further damage and leave it to professionals.

Do you provide replacement vehicles to customers if accidents or collisions happen?

Yes, Cheap Rentacar offers our customers free replacement car rentals when any accident or collision happens. We believe these situations are uncertain and uncontrollable that may arise at any time. Therefore, we ensure a smooth experience for our valuable customers on our end.

Are there any additional charges for late returning the rental car?

Yes, you'll be liable to pay late return charges in addition to the costs of the services provided. We consider 3 hours later than the mutually agreed time as a late return; however, returning the vehicle an hour late is negligible. Furthermore, you can always consult us to extend the duration of the rental car if you want to keep it for some more time or days to avoid additional payment.

Name some of your best car rentals that hit the road quite often.

At Cheap Rentacar, we have multiple car rentals that hit the road over and over again. Our featured rental cars include Kia Pegas 2023, Peugeot 3008 Active Turbo 2023, Hyundai Accent 2022, Nissan Sunny 2023, and Kia Picanto 2022, to name a few. You can go through our fleet inventory of more than 5000 rental vehicles to pick one for you.

Can I rent a car of my favourite colour and model?

Yes, of course, you can. We have more than 5000 rental vehicles, including economy cars, sports utility vehicles (SUVs), and luxury cars of every brand and model that exist in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and all over the UAE. You can pick any colour or model, or brand of your choice to rent or lease– be it a short-term or long-term period.

What is Cheap Rentacar?

Cheap Rentacar is a car rental and lease service provider that allows its customers to select their favourite rental car among the vast fleet of more than 5,000 vehicles at affordable and economical prices.

What services do you provide?

Cheap Rentacar offers a wide range of short-term and long-term rental services to cater to our customers travelling requirements, including daily, weekly, and monthly car rental plans and quarter, semi-annual, and annual car lease subscriptions. Our rental services are highly flexible and tailored to specific customer requirements.

What type of vehicles do you provide for rent?

Cheap Rentacar provides a vast fleet of more than 5,000 rental vehicles, including sedans, hatchbacks, economy cars, midsize cars, crossovers, sports utility vehicles, luxury vehicles, and convertibles. We have all the major automobile brands in our fleet for you to select from.

What are your operating hours?

According to the Gulf Standard Time, cheap Rentacar operates 12 hours daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

What is your operating area?

Cheap Rentacar is operational in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, and all the emirates throughout the UAE.

Who can avail of your services?

Cheap Rentacar serves the Emirati nationals as well as the tourists within the United Arab Emirates. Anybody with a valid driving license and other required documents can avail of our car rental and lease services.

What is your process of renting a car?

Cheap Rentacar introduces a hassle-free online booking process for car rentals that is convenient and fast. Call our customer support representatives to book your car rental or visit our website

a)    Enter your booking dates.
b)    Select your car rental.
c)    Submit the form to receive a quick confirmation.

How can I contact you?

Call our toll-free number or visit our website for any queries or to book your car rental with Cheap Rentacar.

Where is your office located?

Cheap Rentacar's head office is in Dubai, UAE. However, we provide our rental car services throughout the United Arab Emirates.

How can I get your mobile app on my phone?

Currently, Cheap Rentacar has no functional mobile app. However, we cater to our customers' travel needs via our website.

Do you require a security deposit for hiring a rental vehicle?

Yes, we charge a refundable security deposit of a minimum of AED 1,500 (or more as agreed) for availing our rental services.

What happens if I do not make payments on time?

Cheap Rentacar reserves the right to charge a late payment fee in case of late payments from the customer. It'll cost you an additional AED 300 as a late payment surcharge.

Which payment methods do you support?

At Cheap Rentacar, we only support credit card payments against any car rental or lease services. Currently, we do not entertain any other mode of payment.

Who is liable for the payment of parking charges?

Cheap Rentacar takes no liability for the payment of parking charges for its rental vehicles anywhere throughout the United Arab Emirates. Either you park the car in unpaid parking zones or pay for the costs when parking in paid parking zones.

Would I be charged for the maintenance of the car rental?

No, absolutely not. At Cheap Rentacar, we always deliver well-maintained rental vehicles to our customers. Therefore, we won't charge you a fils for the maintenance of the car rental.

Can I pay using cash?

No, there is no option for cash payments, as our entire payment system operates online. Therefore, we entertain only credit card payments against our services.

How do I pay Salik while renting a car?

Salik is an RFID-based toll system installed all over Dubai roads to automatically charge a fixed amount of AED 5 + 5% VAT each time a car crosses it. That's why every car in Dubai is Salik tagged, and so are our rental vehicles.

Are there any charges to add a supplementary driver?

Yes, you'll be charged 100 AED per additional driver to your car rental plans or car lease subscriptions to enjoy our car rental experience to its fullest.

Will you charge me for extra mileage?

Cheap Rentacar enables our customers to drive rental vehicles according to their preset and agreed-upon mileage terms. In case of extra mileage, we'll charge you 0.50 AED per kilometre.

Will you charge me in case of accidents?

No. At Cheap Rentacar, we don't charge our customers in case of any mishaps or accidents. Our rental fleet of more than 5,000 vehicles is completely insured to provide our customers with smooth and flawless service. Moreover, we provide 24/7 roadside assistance to our customers to provide support for emergencies.

Do you charge extra for airport pick-and-drop services?

Yes, we charge a minimal fee to provide our customers with our rental vehicle pick-up and drop-off services from and to the airport.

How do I extend my rental period?

Cheap Rentacar offers flexibility in rental schedules for our valued customers. You can extend your rental period if you want to drive the same car rental by contacting our customer support, or you can start a new rental tenure if you wish another rental car from our vast fleet.

What is the minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period is 24 hours or one day for any of our car rentals.

What is the maximum rental period?

At Cheap Rentacar, we don't limit our customers by any maximum rental period limit. We are here to serve you as long as you need our car rental services. Therefore, the maximum rental period varies depending on the customer's requirements.

What is your privacy policy?

At Cheap Rentacar, we ensure strict adherence to our privacy policy. According to this, we don't share our customers' private data and information with any third party other than our affiliates without their consent. For further details, check out our privacy policy.

Is there an early vehicle return policy?

If you return our rental vehicle before the date and time of return according to the agreement, it is called an early vehicle return. According to our early car returning policy, Cheap Rentacar wouldn't be liable to refund or adjust any amount to the customer they paid for the entire rental tenure.

What is your traffic violation policy?

Cheap Rentacar reserves the right to deduct the amount charged by the authorities for traffic violations from the security deposit made by the customer before availing of our rental services.

What is your policy if somebody hits my rental car and runs?

It is scarce to hit and run to as there's a complete surveillance system of roads throughout the UAE. However, if you have purchased the insurance, it usually covers the damage for hit-and-run accidents. Moreover, if you haven't purchased the insurance, you'll have to pay for all the damage incurred to the rental vehicle.

What should I do if somebody stole my rental vehicle?

Usually, it doesn't happen on the roads of the UAE. However, you must inform us and launch a police complaint immediately.

What if I lose the car keys?

At Cheap Rentacar, we understand such circumstances can happen, so we provide you with duplicate keys against the additional charges of AED 1500.

What is the refund policy?

Cheap Rentacar refunds the security deposit that customers pay before availing of our services after deducting the amount for traffic violations, damage charges, or other similar charges that might incur during the rental period. The deposit or its remaining amount is refunded 30 days after the date of the car return in the same card used to pay this deposit amount.

What is the mileage limits policy?

Cheap Rentacar has set a mileage limit for its short-term rental plans as below:

  • Daily rental plan: 200 km/day
  • Weekly rental plan: 1,100 km/week
  • Monthly rental plan: 4,500 km/month

For further details, contact us today.

What insurance comes with the car?

At Cheap Rentacar, we insure our rental vehicles for paved roads in the UAE. However, the windshields (front, rear, and side windows), tires, wheels, tools, and wheel cap damages are not covered.

What side of the road do people drive in the UAE?

It is a common practice to drive on the right side of the road all over the UAE.

What basic traffic rules do I need to know before hitting the UAE roads?

Almost all the roads in the UAE are radar-controlled, and you should strictly adhere to the specified speed limits and follow the highlighted signs on the roads. Some of the expected traffic violations within the country include dangerous driving, over-speeding, illegal overtaking, and using a mobile while driving.

Can I tow another vehicle using my rental car?

No, of course not! Towing any other vehicle with our car rentals is a complete violation of the rental agreement and is not allowed in any circumstances.

Can I drive the rental vehicle off-road?

No, driving our rental vehicles off-road is prohibited and is counted as a violation of the rental agreement. You can drive our rental cars only on well-maintained roads throughout the UAE.

Can I request extra mileage?

Yes, you can request extra mileage. Cheap Rentacar offers 500 km excess mileage upon request against a minimal fee for our customers using our monthly rental plans.

How long does vehicle delivery take?

Cheap Rentacar ensures its customers a smooth vehicle delivery process by pre-booking their rental vehicles. Usually, the car is delivered to your doorstep at your requested time if you've made a reservation.

What should I do for a weekend rental plan?

At Cheap Rentacar, we put our customers first and make rental plans tailored to their requirements. You can request us if you need a rental plan that's not available on our website, but you need it. We'll cater to your unique travelling needs and custom-design a rental plan to serve you.