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Do you know the best and cheapest travelling option to visit and tour Sharjah? Cheap Rentacar offers the cheapest rent a car in Sharjah for exploring the city and beyond. It is a treasure of Arabic history that depicts the best of Arabic art, culture, and ancient heritage. Sharjah is a single emirate, having its territory spread from the coastline of the Persian Gulf to the Gulf of Oman. It is one of the most famous cities in the United Arab Emirates. It was declared the cultural capital of the Arab world by UNESCO in 1998 and the capital of Islamic culture in 2014.

Sharjah is not very far away from Dubai, and you won't notice this distance if you're driving one of our car rentals due to their smooth and efficient driving experience. We have more than 5,000 rental vehicles in our fleet that are always ready to serve you, being the cheapest rent a car in Sharjah. We have served you for the past fifteen years with a 100% customer satisfaction ratio in the market.

You can pick your favourite rental car in Sharjah daily, weekly, or monthly, or buy our long-term subscription plans for a car lease. We have budget-friendly and efficient economy cars, stylish and excellent sports utility vehicles, and classy and comfy luxury vehicles to select from. Book our monthly car rental plan to enjoy a tension-free drive all month.


Rent a car from us to explore every spot mentioned here and beyond in Sharjah. We at Cheap Rentacar serve our customers round the clock to cater to all their needs and desires regarding travelling and tourism. Moreover, we've compiled a list of worth visiting places for you.


    The most significant art museum in the UAE has 72 galleries spread across three enormous floors that display the most valuable creations of the Arab world. For art lovers, the Sharjah Art Museum is worth visiting as it treasures the art exhibits of the best Arabic artists.

    Most tourists like to dive deep into the origins of the Islamic religion and Arabic culture with the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization. It presents a massive number of scientific and religious documents defining cultural depth and several clay, gold, silver and metallic craftworks from the ancient era.

    The Sharjah Heritage Area comprises numerous museums, including Al Midfaa House, Al Hisn Sharjah, Al Asra Souq and more. It is a great place to roam around old Bedouin village homes to explore the rich history of ancient times.

    The Sharjah Science Museum attracts children towards science and amazes adults with scientific wonders. It also possesses an onsite planetarium, attracting tourists and visitors for a trip to the universe.

    If you're on vacation with your family and friends, the Sharjah Natural History Museum and the Desert Park are a must to visit and explore animals and plants. There, you can adore views of the beehive, learn about Arabian exclusive plants, and even get to know the details of the beginning of life on Earth.


  1. Why is car rental a better option for commuting in Sharjah?

    Hiring a car rental in Sharjah is a more budget-friendly and convenient option for travelling, and you can explore the city at your own pace without any hurry or hassles.

  2. What is Sharjah famous for?

    Sharjah is the capital city of the Sharjah Emirate, famous for its Arabic architecture, museums, libraries, and cultural centres. It is the UAE's third largest city–a heritage treasure known as the cultural and literature hub of the United Arab Emirates. It is an ideal place for people who love exploring traditions and historic architecture.

  3. Name some of the best places to visit in Sharjah.
    Cheap Rentacar recommends our customers visit these beautiful and historic places once they hit the roads of Sharjah:
    • Sharjah Art Museum
    • Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization
    • Sharjah Central Market
    • Sharjah Heritage Area
    • Sharjah Science Museum
    • Qanat Al Qasba
    • Sharjah Archeology Museum
    • Arabian Wildlife Centre
    • Khalid Lagoon
    • Sharjah Natural History Museum and Desert Park
  4. Which car rental should I choose to roam around Sharjah?

    We at Cheap Rentacar provide a wide range of rental fleets, including more than 5,000 rental vehicles. We recommend our customers rent a car according to their budget and travelling requirements. If you're planning a long drive, pick a more spacious and comfy SUV or luxury car while eliminating the need to refuel it often. On the contrary, if you're planning a budget-friendly and quick trip, go for our economy cars that are easy to drive and provide efficient and smooth driving on narrow roads.

  5. Do you provide car rental services from the Sharjah airport?

    Cheap Rentacar takes pride in providing cheap rental car services when you land in Sharjah from the airport. You can choose any plan from our short-term and long-term car rental plans that best suits your travelling requirements. Book your favourite car online when you land here; we're just a call or click away.

  6. How do I find rental cars near me in Sharjah?

    We are ready to serve you 24/7 in Sharjah. You can easily rent a car from Cheap Rentacar by booking our services online from anywhere within the Emirates and the UAE.

  7. What is the procedure to rent a car in Sharjah for monthly booking?

    Cheap Rentacar caters to our customers by offering easy booking options via our short-term car rental plans and long-term car lease subscriptions. It will enable you to travel calmly and effortlessly at your own pace without following or depending on any public transport option. If you want to book monthly rental cars in Sharjah, know we're just a click away.

  8. Why choose monthly car rentals in Sharjah?

    Choosing monthly car rentals in Sharjah can provide you with several benefits, including well-maintained rental vehicles, besides a hassle-free, risk-free, and secure service at an unknown land. Additionally, if you can't afford to buy an expensive car you like, you can always rent it from Cheap Rentacars with 24/7 assistance.


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